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Stepworks Expansions

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After a year of design and construction, we’re thrilled to open new expansions in Nicholasville and Elizabethtown (Crowne Pointe)! These are clean, top-quality, new-construction accommodations… the type of environments where we’d be comfortable sending our own family members. We take enormous pride in the integrity of our facilities and programs.

KET Kentucky Heath feature

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Joyce Johnson is the Outpatient Clinical Services Director at Intensive Health by Stepworks. She was featured on KET’s Kentucky Health television program to discuss Kentucky’s battle against substance use disorder. Here’s what she had to say:

“From education to location, addiction knows no bounds. Ninety-four percent of those who struggle with substances aren’t getting the help they need. This is a serious issue in our state.” 

Joyce shared the Stepworks approach, including how we… 

  • walk with patients
  • honor each patient’s life narrative
  • view addiction as a brain disease
  • develop real-life recovery solutions 
  • extend grace and forgiveness

Stepworks is building a high-quality network of treatment resources to help Kentucky wage this fight.

Stepworks Team Member of the Year

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Recovery is more than just a job. It’s a calling. Every year, we recognize one team member who made the Stepworks mission their personal mission… someone who personified Stepworks in 2022.

What does it look like to help people hurt by addiction reclaim their dignity and build a better life? The answer is Ashleigh Baker, the 2022 Stepworks Team Member of the Year.

Here’s what Ashleigh’s teammates at Stepworks London had to say: 

Ashleigh is dedicated to the patients we serve and always does her best to put our patients in the best possible position to succeed. Ashleigh has had a tremendous amount of growth over the past year. She has become one of our most effective team members and a wonderful ambassador of Stepworks culture to her coworkers and patients.  

Because of the significant growth she experienced this year, Ashleigh has taken on more of a leadership role inside and outside of her home facility. Ashleigh became part of the clinical coverage team. She began co-facilitating clinical groups and completing individual sessions with patients when needed. 

Ashleigh is eager to learn and do everything she can to help our patients be successful. This year, Ashleigh filled in at multiple facilities when they were short-staffed and provided coverage for other team members there, including therapists. In short notice and emergency situations, Ashleigh always says yes to helping patients at her home facility and on the road. 

Congratulations, Ashleigh! Thank you for your service, the example you set, and the inspiration you provide.

I Am Tenacious – A Stepworks Alumni Story 

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Spend a few moments at any of our facilities and you will hear the stories of our alumni. Our staff celebrates every milestone, every recovery success, every high point, and every low with our former patients. The family community and support system that patients experience during their time in residential treatment never stops. They are always welcome to come back to visit.

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Making the Call for Help

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Our Stepworks Recovery Centers team understands the energy it takes to make that call for help. Whether this is your first time seeking treatment for your addiction or you have found yourself in the middle of a relapse, our team cares about you, the person on the other end of the line.

We asked Access Center Director Sherry Coomer a few questions about the culture she is working to create.

Some people would just say this is a call center. Why do we call it an access center?

We are more than a call center. My team isn’t just here to try to get you into the doors of our treatment facility. We are here to guide you through the process of finding help. Regardless of whether that help comes from one of our treatment programs or another organization that we refer to, we want to give you access to all of the tools that will help you succeed.

People can often be apprehensive or nervous about taking such a big step and seeking help. How does your team ease their fears?

First, our team understands the disease of addiction. We know the barriers that have likely contributed to them not seeking treatment. So, we work hard to be kind, compassionate, and understanding as we navigate them through the intake process.

Why is your team so passionate about their efforts?

We never want to forget that these are real people, with families and loved ones that desperately want to see them get better.

We are excited to expand our Access Center so that we have even more voices of comfort available when you take that brave first step. If you are suffering from addiction, we are here. Call us, we can help: 1-800-545-9031.

Primary Care in a Recovery Friendly Environment

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At Stepworks, we realize that treatment within the walls of our residential recovery centers is just one of many paths to overcoming addiction. For some, the path of sobriety looks different — and for many, the management of their disease even after residential treatment requires a community of providers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our services through Intensive Health by Stepworks.

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3 Steps to Nurture Your Mental Health

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Twenty percent of Americans with an anxiety or mood disorder such as depression also have an alcohol or other substance use disorder.

Many of the patients at Stepworks fall into this category. Their substance use disorder is directly linked to their mental health. During a patient’s stay at Stepworks, we work diligently to nurture their physical, behavioral, and mental health. But the work doesn’t end when they leave our facility. That’s why we encourage our patients to remain committed to their mental health as they make progress on their recovery journey.

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COVID Update I Facilities Accepting New Patients

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Houston, we STILL have a problem.

Our patients have a potentially fatal illness: addiction. At any given time, there are over 22 million people in the United States who have a substance use problem. We must remain open to help those suffering from this deadly disease. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the steps we are taking during this time of national illness. 

Stepworks COVID-19 FAQ: 

Are we accepting new patients?

Yes. While we are taking extra precautions and implementing safeguards during this time, Stepworks remains committed to being a place of hope for those with substance use disorders. All of our facilities remain open and are accepting new patients.

What precautions are we taking?

We are screening all incoming admissions for the following: recent travel to high-risk areas, known exposure to the virus and the presence of cold-like symptoms, especially in the elderly. We will decline any admission who has, in our opinion, a higher than normal risk of having the disease.

Within our facilities, we continue to provide information about COVID-19 to all staff and patients. Throughout the day our Stepworks’ staff sanitize surfaces and make hand sanitizer available to our patients under staff supervision. Masks are provided to any patient or employee who has signs and symptoms of respiratory illness. And finally, if a patient develops a respiratory illness, at their request, they may be given the opportunity to seek evaluation at the local emergency room at their own expense.

Are we continuing with visitation?

In order to keep safety a top priority, we have suspended all visitation for our patients at this time. In place of visitation, patients will be allowed to sign up for extended phone time with their family members. Additionally, Skype or Facetime sessions will be scheduled to allow for our patients and their families to connect. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please call our Access Center at (800) 545-9031.