Frequently Asked Questions

It’s understandable to have questions about your stay at Stepworks Recovery Centers. We’ve tried to answer some frequently asked questions people have about our treatment services below.

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What insurances do you accept?

Visit for a list of participating insurance providers.

If a former Stepworks patient did not complete the program, may they return?

We review readmission requests one at a time and encourage former patients to re-apply. Our team will review the circumstances of the patient’s last stay to determine their eligibility.

Do you accept pregnant women into the 30-day recovery program?

Yes. We request approval from an obstetrician. (We do not accept pregnant patients beyond 36 weeks of their pregnancy.)

My significant other and I want to enter treatment together. Do you accept couples?

To be successful, you’ll need to focus on your personal recovery first. Having your significant other at the same location is an obstacle to personal focus and growth. For that reason, we do not admit couples to the same facility. But it is possible to enter treatment at the same time at different facilities (we have two facilities in Elizabethtown).

Residential Treatment Program:

Are the treatment centers mixed-gender?

Many of our locations accept both women and men, but we also provide single-gender facilities like the men’s center in London. (At mixed-gender facilities, sleeping areas are separated by gender.)

Does Stepworks Provide Medical Detox?

Yes, Stepworks is a medical leader in opiate, alcohol, and benzodiazepine detox. No treatment provider can completely remove the discomfort of detox, but our medications and protocols make the process much more comfortable. Our approach helps patients focus on recovery and stay in treatment. We do not use methadone. We do use buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) for patients when appropriate.

Can patients smoke cigarettes at your facility?

Yes. All Stepworks facilities provide a designated outdoor smoking area. 

Are the rooms private?

Patients in our 30-day residential treatment centers stay in shared rooms, similar to dorm living. People do not recover successfully in isolation. By sharing spaces, you become part of a community learning together and supporting each other in recovery.

Can I have visitors?

Of course. All Stepworks facilities have visiting hours. The visiting hours may vary by location.

Does Stepworks have exercise and recreational facilities?

All facilities have exercise space. Some have basketball and volleyball courts. Light physical exercise/activity is incorporated into our daily schedule, and all patients are encouraged to participate.

Do I have to participate in the group meetings if I feel anxious or sick?

Patients are required to participate in groups unless our medical team determines otherwise. Group participation is an indispensable aspect of the program.

Can I make and receive phone calls?

Yes, each week, patients have an opportunity to call their friends and family. Patients do not receive unscheduled phone calls throughout the day, but we encourage communication with loved ones at scheduled times.

What happens if a PICC Line patient demands discharge before
completing their course of antibiotics?

Patients have the legal right to demand discharge against medical advice. We explain the risks and ask them to sign our AMA (“against medical advice”) consent form. Their PICC line is removed prior to discharge. Under no circumstances do we release a patient with a PICC line in place.

Intensive Outpatient Program:

Do You provide individual or group therapy?

Patients in our intensive outpatient program attend both group and individual therapy sessions. Go to the Stepworks IOP page for more information.

Sober Living Program:

How close is your sober living home to the intensive outpatient program location?

Stepworks’ IOP location is about 10 minutes from our Stepworks Sober Living. We provide shuttle service between locations.

Are sober living residents required to go to therapy sessions?

Yes, Stepworks Sober Living residents are active participants in the intensive outpatient program.

Do I have to be a graduate of Stepworks to apply for your sober living program?

No. Contact us to discuss your health, financial status, and eligibility.

Will I have roommates in the sober living residence?

Yes, each townhouse has up to four residents. 

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