Sober Living

Our sober living home offers our residential program graduates and others an opportunity to continue working their program of recovery in an environment of accountability and assistance.

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What is a sober living program?

The program is a six-month apartment-living arrangement with addiction services. Residents have program requirements similar to those of a residential rehab program, but this is balanced with more independent living and applied practical life skill development. Clients who complete the sober living program will be better prepared to navigate the daily challenges of long-term recovery. Currently, Stepworks’ Sober Living program can be completed in Elizabethtown, KY.

What are some of the program requirements?

Residents are expected to attend recovery meetings and outpatient therapy sessions and complete weekly assignments. Residents are responsible for paying rent and must find and maintain employment. Residents must sign in and out of the residence and observe a given curfew. We're sorry, but overnight guests are not allowed in the residences. Residents may be subject to drug screens and searches. (Note: Residents have access to more privileges, such as later curfew, the longer they remain in the program.)

What are sober living homes like?

Each apartment can house up to four clients at a time. The apartments are fully furnished, including kitchenware, linens, and a washing machine and dryer. Clients are responsible for their own food, clothing, toiletry items, paper products, and laundry products.

Ready to get started?

Stepworks Graduates

Our Discharge Planner will discuss this continuing care option with clients while they are still in residential treatment. Interested clients must complete an application and return it to our Discharge Planner to begin the approval process. If approved, the client will be notified and provided a move-in date and other necessary information. The client will also be scheduled for their first individual therapy session with the IOP therapist.

Outside Admissions

Potential clients who are not already part of Stepworks’ residential treatment program can request an application from the Sober Living House Manager. The application must be completed and returned before the approval process can begin. If approved, these clients will go through the same admission process as clients/graduates of Stepworks. The client will be notified and given a move-in date and other necessary information. The client will also be scheduled for their first individual therapy session with the IOP therapist.

Insurance and Rent Verification

Part of the approval process involves verifying that a potential client’s insurance will cover the services provided through our program. The program accepts most insurance plans. Our staff members work with clients and their insurance companies to obtain authorization for payments of the services provided. Clients will be required to pay rent while living in Sober Living housing.

How do I apply?

Call us today or fill out the form below. Please indicate that you are interested in applying for the Sober Living program. We can’t wait to help you plan the next step in your recovery! If you’re looking for our residential/inpatient treatment program, click here.

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