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Stepworks of Elizabethtown on Woodland Drive is one of two facilities that Stepworks currently operates in Elizabethtown, KY. Our Woodland Drive location is the first addiction treatment center in the state of Kentucky to offer treatment to medically fragile, PICC line patients.

Programs and services provided at Stepworks of Elizabethtown on Woodland Drive:

Detox and Residential Program

Depending on your needs, you’ll start with a short period of medical detox before transitioning into our residential program. In our residential program, you’ll experience a structured program of recovery from a compassionate team of providers. You’ll learn how to re-orient your relationship to using addictive substances and plan for a healthy transition into recovery.

Short-Stay Detox/Withdrawal Management

Some patients complete shorter stays of medical detox and professional withdrawal management. Usually patients who complete short-stay detox only have less severe addictions and can continue working on recovery independently after they are safely out of withdrawal.

PICC Line Program

Our Woodland Drive facility hosts our PICC Line Program, where medically fragile patients who require PICC Line assistance can complete our residential program while receiving antibiotic treatment for drug-related infections.

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My goal is for patients to understand the cycle of addiction, how their story fits into that cycle, and that they deserve a better life.

Kassi Wright, Facility Administrator

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