The Stepworks Story

The Stepworks story began with a small team in a small town over a decade ago. Our mission was simple: to help people recover from addiction. We developed a philosophy of treatment that emphasized the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. We rejected the idea that addiction is a sign of moral failure. Instead, we understand it as a disease that affects all aspects of one’s life. We helped families understand what addiction is and how to work through it together. We helped everyone who came through our doors understand one simple idea: wherever addiction has led you, there is hope!

You can read more about the original idea for Stepworks over at the profile page for our CEO, Dr. Tom Ingram.

Stepworks KY Facilities

Original Facility Sold to Pinnacle Treatment Centers

On February 28, 2013, the Stepworks facility in Elizabethtown was sold to Pinnacle Treatment Centers. The former facility in its original location now operates under the name Recovery Works and is not associated with Stepworks Recovery Centers’ owners, staff, or treatment philosophy.

Reopening of Stepworks in London, KY

Two years after the closing of the original Elizabethtown facility, Stepworks returned to the Kentucky addiction treatment community with the opening of a new facility in London, KY. Stepworks was able to reflect on its previous decade of treatment success so that its relaunch in London would set an even higher standard for treatment. After less than a year of operation, our Stepworks London addiction treatment facility achieved accreditation from CARF International in recognition of our commitment to quality care.

Stepworks of Elizabethtown

Once Stepworks received international accreditation for its services, the team set to work on expanding to more areas of the state in need of treatment options. Its next destination was Elizabethtown, where the company had originally made its start. Stepworks of Elizabethtown opened in August 2016 and quickly replicated the model of treatment established in London.

At our Stepworks Elizabethtown recovery center, we developed a new program caring for patients from hospital systems determined to be medically fragile, including those who required continued PICC line antibiotic treatment for conditions like endocarditis. Stepworks still works with referrers to provide this service to patients who need and benefit from the combination of antibiotic treatment and substance use treatment. Read more about our PICC Line program on our Referral Information page.

Additional Facilities

Stepworks continues to reach more areas of the state where people are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. We have since opened the following facilities:

The opening of additional facilities has allowed Stepworks to expand the variety of programs and services offered. For example, we now operate an Intensive Outpatient Program and Sober Living program in Elizabethtown.  We also offer a men’s recovery center in London, KY.

Those who join the Stepworks family as clients, staff members, or partners quickly see that the Stepworks story has many more chapters left. We hope you stick with us in our journey to a better state of recovery!