Detox and Residential Program

Our detox and residential rehab program offers an inpatient treatment setting where clients can safely transition into sobriety and re-orient their lives toward healthy recovery skills. In this 30-day rehab program, an integrated team of providers meet the individual treatment needs of every client.

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Detox is the process your body goes through when you stop putting addictive substances into your system. With many substances, detoxing can produce some uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous, symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

What Should I Expect From Detox at Stepworks?

Stepworks provides a detox program in order to safely monitor a client’s withdrawal symptoms and provide medications for alleviating symptoms when appropriate. We use medical detox protocols to determine when a client requires medication for detox. While methadone can be a useful medication in treating opiate addiction, at Stepworks we do not use it for maintenance or as part of our detox protocols. We do use buprenorphine/naloxone.

Clients in our 30-day detox and residential rehab program can expect to start their treatment program with an initial detox period. Our individualized approach to treating withdrawal means that the timing of each client’s entry into daily residential programming is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Short Stay Detox

We also accept clients for detox-only treatment. Short-stay detox protocols vary based on the type of substance used prior to entering treatment. Clients who are detoxing from alcohol or benzodiazepines can typically expect to stay 3–7 days, while those detoxing from opiates can expect to stay 11–13 days. Please remember that treatment at Stepworks is individualized and these lengths may vary.

What is the Residential Rehab Program Like?

In our residential program, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients are getting the most out of their relatively short treatment stay. We combine addiction education with dynamic group sessions covering a variety of skills our clients need to make the transition into healthy recovery.

Clinical Groups

Clients coming into our residential rehab program can expect to participate in a structured program of recovery in an environment of empathy, support, and accountability. Clients attend daily clinical groups, where they learn important recovery skills and process the causes and consequences of their addictions. We also provide leisure education and life skills groups to help clients learn new habits and activities.

Treatment Team

Clients meet individually with a therapist and treatment team, including a medical provider. These meetings focus on individual needs and review the client’s progress toward meeting their personal treatment goals.

Family Participation

We offer ways for the family of the client to participate in their loved one’s treatment. Clients and their families are encouraged to participate in family sessions. This is important for processing the family’s experience of the client’s addiction, and for helping the family learn how to provide healthy support in recovery.

Life Skills

Clients can also expect to work on practical life skills while in our residential program. Clients will be responsible for completing simple facility tasks like keeping their bedside areas neat and tidy and rotating in and out of group meal prep.

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