PICC Line Program

Stepworks offers 30-day residential drug treatment to people who are receiving antibiotics through a PICC line or other IV. This is a unique program that allows people with bacterial infections to get a head start on recovery during the course of their antibiotic treatment, which typically lasts up to six weeks. People in the program have access to 24-hour nursing staff who are fully trained in the management of PICC lines/sites, including administration of antibiotics and sterile dressing changes.

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Why Is It Needed?

Those who have been diagnosed with a drug-related bacterial infection or related disease, such as endocarditis, are frequently in need of some form of intervention to address a dependency on addictive substances. These infections most often result from injecting substances directly into the bloodstream, a particularly high-risk form of substance use. Because repeated infections from needle use can increase risk of complications and disease severity, it’s just as important to address the issue of addiction as it is to treat the infective disease. That’s why Stepworks created a program to address both needs simultaneously.

How Does It Work?

The need for this program is usually recognized once someone has been diagnosed with a drug-related infection. We work with hospital systems and medical providers to identify people whose treatment needs are best served by the Stepworks PICC Line Program. Medical referrers are encouraged to contact our Intake team to discuss treatment needs and coordinate referrals to one of our facilities.

Once a hospital or clinic patient has made the transition to Stepworks, they participate in our 30-day residential recovery program like any other person would. Our trained nursing staff administers their antibiotic treatment and ensures that their PICC line site is properly cleaned and cared for. Nursing staff provide medical monitoring 24 hours a day.

Get in Touch

If you are a medical provider interested in referring a patient to the Stepworks PICC Line Program, please contact us at 800-545-9031.