I Am Tenacious – A Stepworks Alumni Story 

By July 9, 2020 Stepworks Connect

Spend a few moments at any of our facilities and you will hear the stories of our alumni. Our staff celebrates every milestone, every recovery success, every high point, and every low with our former patients. The family community and support system that patients experience during their time in residential treatment never stops. They are always welcome to come back to visit.

The “life-change” stories from the patients who walk through the doors at Stepworks are things our staff members lean on when we have hard days. These are our constant reminder of the work we are doing and the battle we are fighting every single day. It is both a joy and a privilege to be the one to carry these stories to our staff. It’s why each month, our team takes a moment to sit down with a Stepworks graduate and see just how their life has changed because of their time in our halls.

Recently we chatted with Stepworks residential graduate Cristina Powers and asked her to fill in the blank in this statement: “I am ________ because of Stepworks.”

She accepted the challenge and here’s a peek into our discussion.

Why did you choose the word “tenacious” when describing the impact Stepworks had on your life?

Recovery can seem like a constant battle, but the only way to win a battle is to fight it with vigor. When you give in, that’s when the enemy attacks. It’s daily, hourly, year-by-year, month-by-month maintenance. Addiction is extremely strong, but with tenacious willpower and dedication, you are stronger. I am seeing that in myself because of Stepworks.

How did Stepworks prepare you for life outside of residential treatment?

Upon my departure from Stepworks I left with a whole “toolbox” of knowledge to go back out in the world and strive. This was my last chance and success was the only option. The statistics frightened me. My fifth time in recovery, what was I going to do different to not continue repeating this vicious cycle? The answer is simple. Utilize this metaphorical toolbox I had been given while away at Stepworks and not set it on a shelf to get rusty and dusty. To not just take it off the shelf but to keep it by my side. It won’t do much good if you break down driving towards town and it’s sitting on the kitchen counter at home.

What makes the Stepworks staff so special to you?

I can’t thank Stepworks enough for not only taking me in once, but twice. They worked tirelessly to fight for my well-being when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself. This is an absolutely exceptional, experienced staff that truly had compassion for every client within. There wasn’t one day I was there where I felt like I couldn’t do this with the guidance of every employee directing me more towards the light when I was clearly walking in such darkness. It’s only because of Stepworks I am alive today. I am healthy and spiritually fit, morally just and driven daily to be the best I can be. They are family and I will always have a very warm place for Stepworks in my heart.

Cristina is now the proud mom of a healthy baby. We have no doubt that her story and her legacy will breathe life into the hallways of Stepworks for years to come. When life feels hopeless for our clients, stories likes Cristiana’s give them hope.

Have you or a family member lost hope because addiction has taken it from you? We would love to offer you a safe place filled with hope and promise. Our residential facilities are places where fresh starts can begin if you are willing to take the brave step and ask for help. Call our Access Center today for more information about our programs and find the facility that is best for you!