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Find Help for a Family Member with Addiction

Are you concerned about someone you love who is struggling with an addiction? Wherever your family member is in their journey from addiction to recovery, we want to help. It’s important for you to know that addiction is not just the individual’s problem. It’s a family disease with consequences for the quality of life of the entire family. Helping your loved one find treatment offers a way forward for your family to live a healthier, more joyful life.

At Stepworks Recovery Centers, our mission is to create treatment centers where we would feel confident sending our own family members for help. We offer the highest standards of care to help your loved one make a change in the thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction.

Call us today to discuss how your loved one can benefit from treatment at our 30-day residential program.

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Info for Family of Clients

We encourage family involvement in our clients’ treatment programs. Learning to understand the dynamics of addiction in the family and the challenges of living in recovery is crucial to helping your loved one succeed. Learn more about family sessions at Stepworks in the post below:

Family Time Post

If you’re looking for the address or phone number of the facility where your family member is receiving treatment, see the appropriate location page in the following links. Remember, we can only acknowledge that a client is in treatment at Stepworks if your loved one has given us permission to do so.