Casey's Law

Available in Kentucky and Ohio, Casey’s Law provides a legal means of obtaining a court order for a loved one to enter treatment for a substance use disorder.

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Understanding Casey's Law

Casey’s Law isn’t for everyone. It’s a complicated process in which the petitioner is responsible for a lot of the work and possibly the costs of treatment. However, it can be a beneficial option for concerned family or friends of someone whose addiction has become a danger to themselves or others.

First Steps

If you intend to file a Casey’s Law petition, it is recommended that you first contact your county attorney’s office or office of the circuit clerk to get help with the process. The petition process is complex, and missing a step can result in having your petition dismissed.

Instead of describing every step in the process, we’ll share a few important things to know beforehand and some links to helpful resources.

  • You will need to schedule two evaluations of the person you’re seeking treatment for, one with a medical doctor and one with another qualified health professional. It is recommended that you schedule these appointments on the same day, because you will be required to submit the evaluations to the court within 24 hours of the evaluations.
  • You will be responsible for finding a treatment center for your loved one before the court date. You will also be responsible for any treatment costs and transportation costs not covered by insurance.
  • For this reason, we recommend that you give Stepworks a call sometime early in the petition process to discuss bed availability and payment or insurance coverage options.

Explore the linked pages or contact your county attorney if you wish to go forward with a KY Casey’s Law petition. We’ll be happy to help you determine whether Stepworks could be a good fit for your loved one should the court decide to order addiction treatment. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss your loved one’s potential admission.

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