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Sherry Coomer

When It’s Time to Seek Treatment

By Stepworks Connect

Do you find yourself wondering if you are addicted? Are you thinking that maybe it’s time you talked to someone about what is happening? Here’s the thing: if you’re here reading this and thinking about it, it’s time. We are proud of you for getting this far.

There’s a common belief that folks have to “hit rock bottom” before they can be ready to change, that is not always true. Most of us don’t wait until we are on death’s doorstep before we go to the doctor for a medical illness. If we have a fever, our throat is sore, and we don’t go to work, we generally seek professional help to find out what’s going on. We go to the doctor. We don’t allow our sore throat to blossom into a full-blown infection that can kill us.

The same can be true for substance use disorders. If you’re having “sore spots” or disarray in your life because of using any substance, it’s time to take a good look at your relationship with that substance. How is that substance and your dependence on it impacting your everyday life?

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