A Look Inside Stepworks’ Innovative and Individualized PICC Line Care

By January 31, 2020 Stepworks Connect

Across our state and beyond, hospital patients are being treated for life-threatening infections related to injection drug use—but receiving zero treatment for their substance use disorders. Our Stepworks team knew something had to change. We saw the effects of this endless cycle, and it was devastating.

Due to factors like the high likelihood of relapse, continued injection drug use, and generally low compliance of drug-addicted patients, patients have historically been required to receive their entire course of antibiotics while hospitalized. The cost of keeping these patients in the hospital for 30 days and longer is extremely expensive. Meanwhile the disease of addiction, which caused their hospitalization in the first place, remains untreated. Our successful PICC line care program is one of the first of its kind in the country to address this issue.

“This is medical treatment that makes recovery a priority,” says Stepworks Nurse Nicole Smith.

What are Hospital Partners Saying?

Stepworks has been instrumental in assisting in the transition of SUD patients. The PICC program for antibiotic therapy has created a strong and much needed partnership. The staff are excellent to work with and Stepworks is identified as a preferred partner.

University of Kentucky Healthcare

We truly enjoy the relationship we have developed with Stepworks. You all go above and beyond to help our patient population.

University of Louisville Hospital

Learn more about our PICC line care program by visiting the program web page or calling us at 800-545-9031.