Get the facts: experts tackle Casey’s Law questions

By September 16, 2016 June 13th, 2017 Addiction News

Casey’s Law has been on the books for 12 years, but it remains a little-understood resource for making loved ones find treatment for addiction. The Kentucky law hasn’t been used widely, because even if people are aware of it, they can be daunted by the legal process they’re thinking about setting in motion. Whether or not one ends up making use of the law, it’s important that more people understand what it is and how it works. In this Stepworks blog post, we’ve compiled some recent news stories and explainers that shed light on many important Casey’s Law questions.

The Courier-Journal’s 7 myths about Casey’s Law questions common misperceptions

This helpful article attempts to dispel some of the common Casey’s Law questions people have when thinking about filing a petition. It provides some answers to loved ones’ questions about the extent of their responsibilities once they decide to file. This is a good place to start if you’ve heard of Casey’s Law but don’t know much about the process of filing a petition and securing treatment.

Another piece by The Courier-Journal lets Experts explain Ky law to force drug treatment

Over the summer Louisville’s Courier-Journal hosted a public forum on Kentucky’s heroin crisis, where experts fielded questions from members of the community. In this article, the paper has collected the Casey’s Law questions and answers from the event. One of the answers highlights the gap in implementation of the law across the state, as well as how County Attorney Mike O’Connell is attempting to encourage wider understanding and use of this tool for loved ones. Take a look at this article for a wider scope on the current use of Casey’s Law, as well as for questions about what you can do to encourage long-term recovery after court-ordered treatment.

Central Ky.’s Advocate Messenger highlights costs in FIGHT: Casey’s Law expensive solution to drug problem

Filing a Casey’s Law petition to get a loved one into treatment is often a last resort for concerned parents, family members, or friends of drug users. That’s partly explained by the lack of knowledge and education about the law, but there are also real hurdles to consider. This article covers a recent meeting between a Danville public attorney and the group Families Into Getting Help Together, or FIGHT, which addressed Casey’s Law questions. It urges readers to be aware that there can be high costs involved in the process from court fees, in addition to the cost of treatment itself. Although there are resources in the state for those who can’t afford to pay for treatment, there’s not always a guarantee that free or low-cost treatment will be available to the petitioner. Read this article for a sober understanding of why Casey’s Law isn’t in very wide use.

WKYT covers a true story of how Casey’s Law saved daughter’s life

Casey’s Law might not be the easiest path to recovery for a loved one struggling with addiction, but for many people it may be a life-saving intervention. Lately the heroin crisis appears to have deepened, with recent waves of heroin overdoses and prescription opioid overdoses. It’s created a new urgency to steer people into treatment, even if that comes at some cost. This article provides a personal account of a Kenton County family’s struggle with the decision to petition to have their daughter court-ordered to get treatment for drug use. Reading this piece provides perspective into the thoughts and internal struggles of both the petitioner and the person for whom treatment is being sought.

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