Stepworks of London: opening next week!

By April 8, 2015 November 26th, 2019 Addiction News, Stepworks Press Release

We’re ready to start. Are you?

The wait is almost over: Stepworks of London is ready to begin providing the best addiction care in the region! Our doors will officially open in one week, on Wednesday, April 15. In the meantime, we’re very excited to announce that our waiting list is now open to new clients and referrals! If you are struggling with alcohol or drug use, you can get in touch with a Stepworks team member to reserve a place in our detox and 30-day addiction treatment program at our brand-new facility in London, KY. Call 800-545-9031 to begin the process of enrollment or referral today!

Why choose Stepworks of London?

The Stepworks name is built on trust and a solid record of great treatment results. At our previous location, Stepworks operated for 10 years with amazing outcomes for clients, who achieved sobriety at a rate unmatched by other addiction treatment providers. The team at Stepworks is proud to be able to bring this proven program of treatment to the southeastern KY region, where treatment options are much in need.

We’re confident that with our return, Stepworks will even improve on the high quality of addiction care for which it became known. New Stepworks clients will enjoy an incredible new residential facility that combines modern features with the comforts of home, located in a private and restful location outside London, KY. We have also updated and expanded our program of recovery. Our education sessions are based on established scientific research on addiction and the brain. Stepworks clients learn the facts of addiction and the best recovery practices available to them.

If you have been struggling with a problem with drugs or alcohol, there’s no better time to seek treatment. Recovery is difficult, but with the right tools and care, you can change the direction of your life and reverse the damage of addiction. Do you know someone who has a problem with drinking or using drugs? Talk with a Stepworks team member today to discuss what you can do to get your loved one into treatment before their problem gets worse.

What if I need to detox?

Many people don’t know if they’re ready for treatment because they don’t want to experience the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. That’s understandable, but Stepworks has the staff and resources to minimize the discomfort that you might experience while detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Trained Stepworks team members follow detox protocols put in place by our medical director, who is licensed and experienced in practicing addiction medicine. While no one can guarantee a detox process free of discomfort, at Stepworks we can make this stage of recovery as comfortable as possible.

How do I get on Stepworks’ waiting list?

Enrolling in Stepworks Recovery Centers’ 30-day addiction treatment program couldn’t be easier. Just call 800-545-9031 and you will be connected with a team member at Stepworks, who will guide you through the registration process. Some insurance may be accepted, and a deposit is required to hold a spot on the waiting list. You may talk with a team member briefly about your experience with drugs or alcohol, and a complete screening and assessment of your needs will be conducted on the day of admission into the Stepworks of London treatment facility.

If you’re unsure whether you’re in need of treatment, or whether a loved one has a problem, please give us a call. Stepworks has team members who can take your specific circumstances into account and recommend what to do next. Call Stepworks today to reserve your spot at our brand-new treatment center! Recovery from addiction is never easy, but Stepworks can help guide the way to a future of sobriety and a better way of living.

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