Elizabethtown and the new Stepworks facility

By March 11, 2015 June 13th, 2017 Addiction News, Stepworks Press Release

Stepworks Recovery Centers is just about ready to open the doors of our new treatment facility in London, KY. Once again anyone with substance abuse issues will be able to receive the quality of care that has long been associated with the Stepworks name. In the meantime, we would like to clear up a few questions about the Stepworks facility location and history.

Is there a Stepworks facility in Elizabethtown?

For more than 10 years Stepworks operated a facility in Elizabethtown, KY. With that facility, Stepworks built a reputation for compassionate addiction care with a remarkable record of success with its clients. While Stepworks currently maintains an administrative office in Elizabethtown, Stepworks does not have a treatment facility in Elizabethtown. Stepworks sold the Elizabethtown facility property to Recovery Works, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, in 2013.

Recovery Works began as a substance abuse treatment facility in Georgetown, KY. It expanded to locations in Mayfield, KY and Elizabethtown, KY after being acquired by Pinnacle Treatment Centers, which owns treatment centers in multiple states. Although Recovery Works currently operates a facility at the former location of Stepworks in Elizabethtown, there is no association between Stepworks Recovery Centers and Recovery Works/ Pinnacle Treatment Centers.

Where can I find a Stepworks facility?

The new Stepworks Recovery Centers facility that is preparing to open in London, KY is the only treatment facility currently owned and operated by Stepworks. For the time being, we’re putting all our effort into making this London facility the best residential treatment center in Kentucky. Stepworks is bringing back the substance abuse treatment program that proved so effective for its clients during its decade of operation in Elizabethtown. The difference? Our London facility is more private, peaceful, and modern, allowing our clients the opportunity to recover in an ideal setting.

While Stepworks is glad that there are many available options for treatment in KY, we think we offer something special and distinctive. The core administrative members from the previous Elizabethtown facility (Sherry Coomer, Bonnie Darlington, and Dr. Ingram) remain at Stepworks and will ensure that the new facility offers the same trusted program of addiction treatment for which Stepworks is known. We are eager to introduce new members to the Stepworks team as well. Look for a post about our team soon!

During the interval between closing in Elizabethtown and opening in London, Stepworks has also enhanced our program of addiction education. Our program is built on the scientific/ medical consensus of addiction as a brain disease. Stepworks clients gain an understanding of the medical condition that they have as well as the recovery practices that help them to live with and overcome it. We will soon be admitting clients to our waiting list and hope to have a full house on opening day. Stay in the loop about our London opening and other news at our Facebook page!

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