Announcing a new Stepworks facility!

By July 13, 2014 November 26th, 2019 Stepworks Press Release

Stepworks operated for over 10 years in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. During that time we treated more than 1,000 clients, maintained a success rate of over 78 percent, and built cherished relationships with clients, alumni, and their families. We strived to make Stepworks a place of healing, and we’re proud of the work we were able to accomplish with those who walked through our doors.

It was with heavy hearts that we sold the Stepworks program to Recovery Works in early 2013. Since then, I have received calls from referral sources, family members, Stepworks alumni, and many other individuals seeking the quality care and personalized treatment for which Stepworks was known. Although we had moved on to other things, the desire to continue helping those in need was overwhelming. Fortunately Dr. Ingram (our medical director) came to me late last year and said that he wanted to get the team back together. So we called on some old friends and have been working diligently toward the founding of a new residential program!

In short, we’re coming back and very excited about it!

During our year-long hiatus, we’ve had time to look closely at our programs, improve our already solid curriculum, and make advances in our delivery of services. But one thing remains the same: we are still a small organization committed to treating each person that gets in touch with us as if they were our own family. We can and will help. We’ll work hard to get you, your loved one, or your client into appropriate treatment. We won’t stop until we have found the right placement, even if it’s not in our program. Addiction is something we know well. We recognize its face and the damage it does to our families and communities. But we also know how to help. I look forward to receiving the calls from those in need. I’m excited to work again with our established referral sources, helping families and clients through the complex web of questions in the process of getting help for a disease that is widespread and devastating but not without hope.

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