Alcohol and Opiate Detox

24/7 Medical Monitoring and Care

Stepworks has a safe alcohol and opiate detox program for managing discomfort through the initial process of removing drugs or alcohol from your body.

Some people avoid getting help for addiction because they have anxiety about the discomfort that can accompany the process of ridding their body of addictive substances, or detox. Abstaining from using drugs or alcohol can produce a variety of symptoms. The kind and severity of symptoms depend on each person’s level of use and history of addiction. The Stepworks program for alcohol and opiate detox was developed by our board-certified addiction medicine physician. Trained Stepworks team members will use the detox program to reduce discomfort and ensure client safety where withdrawal symptoms are an issue.

Paying attention to each client’s medical needs

Our alcohol and opiate detox care and treatment methods are determined based on each client’s specific needs. We have a variety of medications that can help ease the transition off your drug of addiction. Stepworks staff will monitor you closely during this time to ensure your safety and provide appropriate care when needed. Depending on the drug of addiction, withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe. Some of our clients will experience no withdrawal symptoms. While we cannot always remove every symptom of withdrawal, we can offer a safe alcohol and opiate detox program that makes the process as comfortable as possible for every client who enters Stepworks Recovery Centers.

What comes after alcohol and opiate detox?

Detox begins when you stop putting drugs and alcohol into your system, and withdrawal symptoms may begin within 24 hours of stopping drug use. Clients who are receiving treatment through our 30-day residential treatment program may spend the first day or two of their stay undergoing alcohol and opiate detox. Once this process is complete, clients will be able to participate in the Stepworks program and group sessions without the distraction of withdrawal.

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