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30-Day Residential Treatment for Addiction

Do you want to quit drinking? We can help.

Stepworks Residential is a 30-day addiction treatment program for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The Stepworks 30-day residential treatment program, located in southeastern KY, provides the structure and support you need to attain sobriety. More important, you’ll acquire the skills needed to hold onto your sobriety for the long run. Our 30-day residential treatment program revolves around an important principle, which happens to be one of our core beliefs: recovery is better together!

In order to recover from addiction, you need to be surrounded by people who really understand addiction. Our 30-day residential treatment program combines education about the disease of addiction, group therapy with others who are also on a journey to recovery, and individual therapy sessions with a qualified therapist.

The Stepworks program includes activity courses, nature walks, and live-streaming church services for those who wish to receive them. Our treatment team will work with you to create a treatment plan that takes into account your unique history of addiction. We’ve put a lot of effort into making our 30-day residential treatment program feel like home, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of personal items can clients bring with them to the residential program?

See here for a list of recommended and prohibited items: What to Bring to Stepworks

How large are your 30-day residential treatment facilities?

Each of our locations across Kentucky is very different in size and physical structure. While all of our facilities are spacious, we choose to keep our client numbers small for 30-day residential treatment. This ensures that each client gets not only ample physical space, but also the individualized care that they need from our staff.

Are you an AA/NA facility?

We believe that Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have served as tremendous resources for those suffering from addiction. While our 30-day residential treatment program is not based on AA or NA, we do incorporate some of their teachings into our program.

Do the facilities house both men and women clients?

Yes, Stepworks accepts female and male clients at three of its locations in Elizabethtown and Bowling Green. The dormitories in these facilities are separated by gender. See below for gender-specific facilities.

Do you have single-gender facilities?

Yes. Stepworks of London accepts only men as clients, and Stepworks of Nicholasville accepts women only.

Do you accept pregnant women?

We do accept pregnant women before they enter their last trimester.

Do you have visiting hours?

Visiting hours are a feature of all Stepworks locations. Each location will have its own set times for visitation.

Do you permit smoking?

Yes, each facility has a designated outdoor smoking area.

Will I have a private room?

It’s a Stepworks core belief that recovery is better together. That means that clients staying at our 30-day residential treatment centers will stay in shared rooms, similar to dorm living. We’ve learned from experience that people cannot recover in isolation. By sharing spaces, you’ll become part of a community of people learning together and supporting each other in recovery.

Do you offer exercise at the facilities?

Physical activity is incorporated into our daily schedule and encouraged for all clients.

Is there a doctor or psychiatrist on location?

Our medical providers oversee all client treatment and are present for our weekly treatment team meetings. Stepworks team members will stay in constant contact with our physicians, who see clients as needed.

What do you use for detox?

Our medical director has developed detox protocols that rival many hospital-based detox environments. While we cannot remove all the discomfort of withdrawal, the variety of medications we use can make it much more comfortable than you could imagine. Because we work to create personal treatment plans for each client, the type of medication offered to an individual client will vary by circumstance, but we have many options to find the right fit for you.

Am I required to attend group meetings? Do I have to talk?

Clients are encouraged to begin group attendance as soon as they are feeling better. This is where the healing happens! It does require some hard work—that means talking about your life and your experience with addiction. To facilitate good group meetings throughout our 30-day residential treatment program, all Stepworks groups are led by trained therapists.


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