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Stepworks has long-standing relationships with referring partners in Kentucky’s judicial system. To refer your client, contact the Stepworks Access Center today. Our qualified navigators will guide you through the next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Stepworks a DOC-Approved Provider?

Yes, Stepworks is an approved treatment provider for the Kentucky Department of Corrections.


What happens after thirty days of residential treatment? 

Continuity of care is crucial to our patients’ sustained recovery. Medical detox and residential treatment are just the beginning. Long-term sobriety requires support and accountability. Stepworks’ outpatient services (partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and sober living) help patients navigate the daily challenges of long-term recovery.


What is Intensive Outpatient or IOP?

Our intensive outpatient program provides many of the same addiction treatment services as our residential program in a non-residential setting. Patients live at home or at Stepworks Sober Living and attend group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week (three times weekly for three-hour durations). IOP is usually a step-down program after residential treatment, but in some cases, an alternative to residential care.


What is Partial Hospitalization or PHP?

Stepworks’ partial hospitalization program builds the foundation of long-term sobriety. Patients live at home or at Stepworks Sober Living and attend group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week (five times weekly for five-hour durations). The curriculum focuses on addictive behaviors, relapse prevention, managing emotions, communication skills, and more. Our PHP patients build connection and a “tribe,” and live by the mantra “recovery is life.”


What is Stepworks Sober Living?

Stepworks Sober Living provides safe, comfortable townhouses with recovery services and support. While developing practical life skills and gaining greater independence, Sober Living residents work with our team to strengthen their recovery and prevent relapse. At graduation, residents are prepared to navigate the daily challenges of long-term recovery. There are three phases:

  1. partial hospitalization
  2. intensive outpatient and employment
  3. continued sobriety and the 12 Steps (with sponsor)


Are Stepworks programs mixed-gender?

Many of our locations accept both women and men, but we also provide single-gender facilities like the men’s center in London. (At mixed-gender facilities, sleeping areas are separated by gender.)


Does Stepworks Accept Casey’s Law Clients?

Yes. Stepworks accepts patients that have been court ordered under “Casey’s Law.” (Please have a copy of the court order ready to provide to the Stepworks Access Center.)


Is Stepworks a Dual Diagnosis Program?

Stepworks also treats various co-occurring mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. (Substance use must be the patient’s primary diagnosis.) Our holistic approach to mental health helps patients achieve better long-term outcomes. Through medication management, group therapy, and individual therapy, we treat the whole person, increasing the likelihood of long-term sobriety. 


Does Stepworks provide transportation? 

Yes! The Stepworks Access Center determines transportation criteria. To request transportation, please email [email protected] or call 800-545-9031. Referring judicial systems often use the DOC Pilot Program or a Local Law Enforcement Agency to assist with transportation needs.