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Picking a Substance Use Treatment Provider

Why choose one rehab provider over another? Coverage is one part of that decision. Stepworks Recovery Centers takes WellCare health insurance, so if you’re a member of a WellCare health plan, your treatment at Stepworks is covered. But that’s not the only reason to choose Stepworks for your addiction rehab needs. Stepworks is a trusted provider of evidence-based treatment, with an experienced team of addiction professionals waiting to provide the guidance and support crucial to achieving sobriety.

Facilities That Feel Like Home

Stepworks has treatment facilities across Kentucky in  Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, London and Nicholasville. These recently renovated treatment centers have modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. These make ideal settings in which you can focus your attention on sobriety and lifelong recovery.

Experienced, Compassionate Staff

Every good recovery center has a talented team of addiction professionals. The Stepworks treatment team is dedicated to helping our clients define and achieve their recovery goals. Our highly experienced and expertly trained staff are here to make individualized, client-centered care the focus of our work.

Comprehensive Recovery Program

The recovery program at Stepworks was developed by a board-certified addiction medicine physician. We offer evidence-based recovery that combines addiction education, group discussion, and therapeutic work. By choosing Stepworks as your Kentucky WellCare rehab provider, you’ll get an expert education in lifelong recovery.

Do I Really Need Rehab?

Many people are unsure if rehab for alcohol or drugs is the right level of care for their needs. The truth is, if you have a problem with substance use, you can benefit from what Stepworks offers. And if you have coverage through WellCare of Kentucky, we’ll make sure you get everything you need out of your stay at Stepworks Recovery Centers. Whether you require detox from addictive substances, or you’re ready to begin our program of recovery learning, we’re ready to help.

Take advantage of your access to treatment services by getting in touch with Stepworks. You’ll discover what makes us one of the most trusted names in recovery in Kentucky.

Stepworks was amazing. I got a new outlook and learned that sobriety was something to look forward to!


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