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What should you look for in an addiction treatment provider?

Stepworks Recovery Centers accepts Passport Health Plan, so part or all of the services we provide may be covered under your plan. But coverage is only part of the equation. You still want to know why you should choose one treatment provider over another. One thing most people want to know is that their treatment provider can be trusted to deliver high-quality treatment from addiction professionals. Stepworks does that and much more! As a Kentucky Passport rehab provider, Stepworks offers a number of advantages in our detox and residential treatment programs.

Facilities That Feel Like Home

Stepworks has treatment facilities across Kentucky in  Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, London and Nicholasville. These recently renovated treatment centers have modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. These make ideal settings in which you can focus your attention on sobriety and lifelong recovery.

A Team of Caring Professionals

Every member of the Stepworks treatment team is passionately committed to helping individuals recover from substance abuse. We employ experienced addiction treatment professionals who provide individual attention to help you reach your goals for treatment.

First-Rate Treatment Program

It’s important that your Kentucky Passport rehab provider uses evidence-based addiction treatment services. At Stepworks, you’ll gain a useful education on how addiction affects the brain and behavior. Our detox, educational, and therapeutic services rely on the most up-to-date, evidence-based models of addiction.

Will Treatment Work For Me?

Maybe you’re unsure about what level of substance abuse treatment you need. At Stepworks, we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re getting the right level of care under your Passport Health Plan. Whether you’re just in need of detox to alleviate drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or you need more involved services like residential treatment, we can help. The Stepworks treatment team will make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible and you have access to the resources that would be of most help for your condition.

Find out why Stepworks has a sobriety success rate of more than twice the national average for rehab facilities. Get more info today and let us help you determine what services are covered under your plan.

I felt a lot healthier and positive about my future after I finished rehab at Stepworks.


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