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Choosing your addiction treatment provider

Thinking about getting help for a problem with drugs or alcohol? Stepworks Recovery Centers accepts Cigna health care plans, so your treatment may be covered under your plan. But why choose Stepworks for help with your drug dependency? Stepworks provides evidence-based rehab, and is staffed by a team of experienced and compassionate addiction professionals. As a Kentucky Cigna rehab provider, Stepworks offers a range of advantages in our 30-day residential program for substance use disorders.

Room for Recovery

Stepworks knows that the environment in which you recover can make a big difference. That’s why all of Stepworks’ facilities provide modern, spacious, and comfortable settings for working on your drug dependency problem. Our facilities encourage reflection, team building, and distraction-free recovery.

Compassionate Staff Who Know Addiction

We put a lot of emphasis on the Stepworks treatment team. They’ll be there to support you in your personal goals for building a foundation of recovery. Our staff includes team members with a long history of working with addiction clients.

Proven, Evidence-Based Program

For every addiction service that Stepworks provides, there’s a lot of evidence to back it up as an effective intervention into addiction. From supervised detox, to a 30-day addiction education plan, to personal and group therapy, our program is evidence based and backed up by a medical director board certified in addiction medicine.

Questions About Treatment?

Seeking help for addiction can be hard, but you’ve made the right decision by looking for more information. Wherever you are in terms of a dependency on drinking alcohol or using opioids, heroin, or other drugs, we can help. Stepworks’ staff will help you determine if you have a problem with addiction and what the appropriate level of care is for your condition. Our team will make sure your stay is comfortable and you’re provided with every resource at our disposal for getting you on the path to recovery.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discover what makes Stepworks unique in the field of drug rehab. Our team will help you figure out the next step for your journey to recovery.

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