Stepworks Alcohol Rehab

Are you experiencing negative consequences from a drinking habit but having a hard time quitting? You might need help for an alcohol use disorder.

Our addiction recovery programs can help you quit drinking!

Stepworks Recovery Centers offers addiction programs that will help you stop drinking and discover a better life in recovery.

  • Safely stop drinking with our detox program
  • Change the way you think about using alcohol
  • Discover your best self and plan for lifelong recovery

Stepworks has a trusted record of helping people like you recover from an alcohol use disorder.

Medical Detox

When you abruptly stop alcohol use after having a drinking problem, you can experience uncomfortable and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. That’s why we recommend going through withdrawal in our detox program, where you will be supervised and provided medications to ease your symptoms when appropriate.

Understand Your Alcohol Use

In our 30-day residential program and outpatient programs, our clinicians and other addiction professionals will help you understand what led to your alcohol addiction. You’ll learn how to disrupt the addictive thought patterns that result from substance use disorder and start making healthier choices.

Plan For Recovery Success

Our addiction programs help with more than just quitting substance use. In our individual and group clinical sessions, we’ll help rediscover who you really want to be and outline personal recovery goals. Stepworks offers a program to help you not just be in recovery, but thrive in recovery.

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Treatment Centers Near You

Stepworks provides treatment for alcohol addiction at several Kentucky locations, including Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, London, and Nicholasville. Each of our recovery centers is a little different, with its own special community feel created by our dedicated staff and the clients who walk through our doors.

Family Involvement

We offer ways for loved ones to be involved in our clients’ treatment. In addition to weekend visiting hours, we also have family sessions that can help your family resolve the emotions and conflicts created by addiction and understand how to be supporters of your recovery.

Variety of Treatment Programs

We’ll help you choose the right program for you. Our 30-day residential program with detox can help you get through alcohol withdrawal and start a new chapter of recovery. For those at a different level of need, we offer outpatient programs and a short-stay detox-only program.

Get in touch today to find out how Stepworks can help you change your relationship to alcohol use. We’ll gladly help you identify your treatment needs and get started in a program with little wait.