Connecting people in recovery to a continuum of care for long-term sobriety


Stepworks Recovery Centers provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) outpatient services for people who have received some addiction treatment and are working to achieve long-term recovery. This program offers a full continuum of care to help maintain and strengthen recovery for our clients, including but not limited to those who have graduated from our 30-day residential addiction program.

Medication-assisted treatment provides approved medications to clients in order to overcome cravings and withdrawal effects while working on a program of recovery. We also provide addiction education to help clients understand their disease and continue working toward long-term sobriety. We offer multiple medication treatment options, such as Suboxone or Vivitrol, using evidence-based care. Consultations are performed with a medical professional trained in addiction medicine. Clients must be enrolled in counseling services to be eligible for MAT.

Therapeutic counseling is the second main ingredient of our outpatient program. We counsel clients in useful techniques and provide guidance in relapse prevention and disease management. Talking through the thoughts, emotions, and challenges of living in recovery can be a key factor in maintaining sobriety, and we encourage clients who are able to enroll in counseling services. We understand that you or your loved one may have busy lives, so we offer flexible schedules, Monday through Friday. Appointments can be scheduled for morning or afternoon hours.


Getting Started


  • Scheduling: Call our office at 270-765-5900 and speak with our Engagement Specialist about your situation and needs. Your initial conversation will likely be brief and is just meant to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for our program.
  • Insurance Verification: The program accepts most insurance plans. Our staff members work with clients and their insurance companies to obtain authorization for payments for the necessary medications and services provided.
  • Medical Evaluation: In the first scheduled visit, clients meet with a medical professional for a proper evaluation. During this time, they will discuss the treatment options that best match client needs. Our outpatient office offers a variety of treatment services. If our program is not right for you, we will work hard to refer you to a program that fits your specific needs!


For more information, please preview or download the brochure for Stepworks Medication-Assisted Treatment


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