Our Mission

We set out to do one thing above all: create an environment for Stepworks addiction treatment where we would be confident of sending our own families.

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Individual Treatment

Everyone who walks through our door for Stepworks addiction treatment has their own story, reasons for being here, learning style, and values and beliefs. We embrace individual differences by making sure your personal treatment plan is right for you. One curriculum. Customized treatment experience.

Success Record

Stepworks has been providing highly effective and personal care for over 10 years, helping more than 6,000 people achieve sobriety!

Home Environment

We chose and designed the Stepworks addiction treatment facility with the goal of creating a space that feels like a home. We know that a residential center can’t replace your own home, but we can offer you a comfortable and safe environment to enjoy for the duration of your treatment.

Friendly Staff

You can tell a lot about someone by the people they organize around themselves. That’s why we demand the highest standard of personal conduct and professionalism from everyone on the staff of Stepworks. You can be assured that everyone involved is working hard to make Stepworks addiction treatment the best that it can be.

Who suffers from addiction?

More than 28 million people suffer from addiction in the U.S.—nearly 10 percent of the population. That means that addiction is serious business. But it also means that you are not alone.

What’s at stake?

Addiction is a life-threatening disease that destroys lives, families, and finances. Where you choose to receive treatment could be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s important to know your options. What should you be looking for in a treatment experience? Our Stepworks team members are here to answer any questions you have about Stepworks addiction treatment.


Ready to begin?

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