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Choosing where to get help for addiction with Stepworks is an important decision. We have multiple locations across the state of Kentucky, allowing clients to be close to family, their physicians, or the area where they want to reside. Our intake staff will do what they can to ensure that people go to the location of their choosing. Most people want to be sure that their drug rehab provider offers quality care from experienced professionals in the field of substance use treatment. Stepworks excels in that area, but it also offers many more advantages to anyone seeking a new direction after drug addiction.

Our Locations

First-Rate Recovery Centers

Stepworks’ residential recovery facilities are the ideal settings for building a foundation of sobriety. You’ll be able to focus on your recovery while enjoying modern amenities and a comfortable residential experience.

Staffed by a Compassionate, Professional Team

The Stepworks treatment team is here to help you succeed in meeting your goals for treatment. Our staff has extensive experience in substance use treatment and work with each person on an individual level. That way, you can define your own goals and begin to meet them while in rehab.

A Program of Treatment That Works

All treatment services at Stepworks are evidence based and backed by the expertise of a board-certified addiction medicine physician. That means you’ll get safe detox if needed and a first-class education in the disease of addiction.

How Do I Know Stepworks Could Work For Me?

We know that it can be tough deciding whether to seek treatment and where to look for help. You might be unsure what kind of addiction treatment you need. Rest assured that Stepworks will work closely with you to assess what level of care you need to start on the path to recovery from drugs or alcohol. The Stepworks care team will make sure you have access to the resources you need to understand addiction and begin working toward a future of lifelong recovery.

Request more info today and we’ll help you figure out what level of care you need for your substance use problem. Find out why Stepworks is a top rehab provider in the state.

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