Your Questions Answered: Addiction Treatment FAQ

It’s understandable to have questions about your stay at Stepworks Recovery Centers. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions people have about residential treatment in this addiction treatment FAQ.

Are the rooms private?

It’s a Stepworks Core Belief that recovery is better together. That means that clients staying at our 30-day residential treatment center will stay in shared rooms, similar to dorm living. We’ve learned from experience that people cannot recover in isolation. By sharing spaces you’ll quickly form a community of people learning together and supporting each other in recovery. 

Is it Co-Ed?

Yes, Stepworks accepts female and male clients at all of its locations. The dormitories are kept separated by gender.

Does Stepworks accept pregnant women?

We do accept pregnant women before they enter their last trimester.

Do you have visiting hours?

Visiting hours are a feature at all Stepworks locations. Each location will have its own set times for visitation.

What do you use for detox?

Our medical director has developed alcohol and opiate detox protocols that rival many hospital-based detox environments. While we cannot remove all the discomfort of detox, the variety of medications we use can make it much more comfortable than you could imagine. Because we work to create personal treatment plans for each client, the type of medication offered to an individual client will vary by circumstance, but we have many options from which to make the best plan for you. We do not use methadone. We use Subutex for clients whose detox requires it for very brief periods of time. This allows clients to focus and remain in treatment. As a client at the Stepworks residential treatment center, you will feel 100 percent better within a week—we promise!

Does Stepworks have exercise and recreational facilities?

All facilities have exercise space and some have basketball and volleyball courts. Physical activity is incorporated into our daily schedule and encouraged for all clients.  

Do I have to participate in the group meetings if I feel anxious or sick?

Group sessions are an incredibly important aspect of our addiction treatment program. During these meetings you’ll learn important concepts and coping mechanisms and process the difficult thoughts and emotions behind your addiction. You’ll be required to attend group sessions as soon as your detox period is over, when you’re feeling better or our medical staff makes the assessment that you’re ready to actively participate. If you’re anxious at first, don’t worry: you’ll see that everyone at Stepworks is dealing with many of the same emotions, but there’s hope and strength in shared recovery.