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Because your family can heal, too.

Family therapy for addiction at Stepworks provides a starting point for the healing process that most families will need.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions with a therapist that each client receives, Stepworks arranges a number of meetings with each client’s family members or loved ones of choice. Our family therapy for addiction sessions are private and led by a licensed therapist. During each meeting, our therapist will help you and your family work through the conflicts caused by addiction.

One principle of addiction that clients will learn at Stepworks is that addiction is a family disease. This means that your addiction has most likely caused damage to your relationship with your family. It might have even put stress on family relationships in ways that you haven’t fully realized. That’s why Stepworks Recovery Centers offers family therapy for addiction in our residential treatment program. These sessions allow family members to better understand how addiction affects the brain, including the way addiction damages our judgment and decision-making abilities.

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is not just about getting sober. Sure, that’s a big part of it, but recovery requires other changes, too. At Stepworks you’ll begin to address all the aspects of your life damaged by the brain disease of addiction. Having your family learn more about addiction provides a good starting point for resolving the problems in your family life that have resulted from your addiction.

Your family can be an invaluable source of support for your journey in recovery.

That’s right—getting your family on the same page can have a big impact on your recovery from drugs or alcohol. So it’s incredibly important to bring family members into your therapy sessions. Family therapy for addiction is not only a way to mend relationship difficulties. Simply put, family therapy helps your family help you.

Has addiction hurt your family life and relationships? Contact Stepworks to learn more about how we can help the healing process begin.

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