Addiction Assessment

Are you unsure if you or a loved one has an addiction? We can help.

Addiction Assessment

We know that it’s hard to face the question, “Do I really have an addiction?” The kind of thinking that comes with addiction can make it difficult to recognize problematic substance use in yourself, or possibly in someone who is a close friend or loved one. Maybe you’re unsure whether your substance use issues really qualify as addiction.

That’s where an addiction assessment from Stepworks comes in. We’ll use a comprehensive addiction assessment tool to determine whether you or your loved one has an addiction problem and whether you would benefit from detox or 30-Day Residential treatment.

How does it work?

All it takes is to contact Stepworks and ask for help with an addiction assessment. Our addiction assessment can usually be completed over the phone so that you can begin exploring treatment options today. A fully qualified Stepworks team member will guide you through our addiction assessment tool and answer any questions you have about substance use treatment.

What can you expect from your addiction assessment? A Stepworks team member will ask you some questions about your history and experience with addictive substances and your current level of use. In most cases the Stepworks team member will be able to tell you whether you meet the criteria for addiction and are in need of treatment. It’s that simple!

What happens next?

If your addiction assessment indicates that you are struggling with addiction, our Stepworks team member will continue to work with you in identifying the next steps. If you have called about a loved one’s substance use problems, a more complete assessment with your loved one present may be required.

Our Stepworks team member will help you explore a few different treatment options and will make a recommendation based on your addiction assessment. We may recommend alcohol and opiate detox, recovery groups like AA (alcoholics anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous), or 30-Day residential treatment at Stepworks or another facility. Get started today


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